Friday, September 7, 2007

:: RBA Story – Part 5; A Political Twist

While preparing this document, mind whispered that RBA is one of the luckiest ladies. Even when everyone around her deceived in various situations, God is again lending his magical helping hand.

As informed by Arun she went along with her Uncle, to collect the keys at 10am. She considered Arun as her own son. It was a rainy day. Her mind was whispering, God is there to take care of her and will protect from all evils.

Arun and Shaibu [tenant] were already in the house. Arun informed her that she needs to wait till evening 4pm to get the keys since Shaibu's new house owner will hand over the keys by that evening. RBA, thought of asking Arun, why he had asked her to come in the morning eventhough he knew that keys will be ready by evening 4pm. She refrained from asking that, but sensed that something wrong is going to happen.

Later on RBA asked Arun to handover the keys, and told him that when Shaibu needs to take his belongings, RBA will come and open the house.But Arun said that he cannot hand it over then. After a while her Uncle went to Neyyattinkara Court [ he is a senior Advocate in NTA ].Rain started to slow down and she went inside the house to have aclearer view.

She noticed that most of her belongings are not there at home, also noticed that a particular room is being locked. She enquired Arun about the keys to that room and he said he has the keys and will get it in a while. He went outside the house, saying that he will get the keys.[RBA felt that the scene is perfeclty set and something is going to happen.]

In ten minutes time, Rejeeb appeared there. He started abusing and shouting at RBA. Some neighbors also gathered there by that time. In ashort while Neyyattinkara [NTA] Sub Inspector of Police also arrivedat the spot. She complained to him that Rejeeb is making issues evenafter giving in writing last week to ADGP that he won't trouble her again. She also informed the officer that Rejeeb already announced ,he will kill her.

Surprisingly, S.I started questioning her rather than hearing her complaint. He also mentioned that she should give the money to Rejeeb.S.I also mentioned that when your son comes back from abroad, he will not be spared by Rejeeb. By now it was evident to the gathered neighbors that S.I was speaking in favour of Rejeeb.Sensing,this He asked her to go to NTA police station, to meet the Circle Inspector. By this time Arun also came there. [ Rejeeb, might have hinted about this to RBA in his previous telephonic conversation - read part 4 ]
[ A common practice of Kerala Police is to help the victims, provide them Justice. Here in also S.I was speaking in favor of Rejeeb. But the Truth is that :-being a good Orator Rejeeb had already created an impression infront of S.I, that he is the victim. But he never said the Truth to S.I that :' He kidnapped RBA's husband six months back ,and he is under Rejeebs captivity now also.RBA have already filed cases against ( his anti social activities ) him in Kerala Vanitha Commission and at DGP office. ]

Rejeeb as well as RBA went to NTA Police station. Circle Inspector heard the view points of both the parties. Later he asked his subordinate to take the complaint file which was forwarded from the DGP office by her son six months back, about Rejeeb's goondaism. Later he asked to take the statements from them.

While she was waiting there to give her statement, she was informed by a source from Arun that the so called S.K Jayachandran and a lady named Vimala came to RBA's house by this time and locked it. He also took the keys of the house. Arun, also stated that he cannot stop Mainu annan [S.KJayachandran's alias name, cell:+919895540403 ] because he has lots of political contacts [ he is the opposition leader of Neyyattinkara Muncipality ] and will dare to do anything against anyone. So Arun said he was helpless. [ May be this was what RBA smelled fishy earlier in the morning from Arun's behavior, and it happened ].

In another five minutes at NTA Police Station, a man came and talked to RBA. These were his words :- " I have locked your house. If you want it back, come to my house with money". RBA identified him as S.K and complained the Circle Inspector regarding this. He said to produce a written complaint against S.K for house barging.

When she came back to her house, everything was over. [On hearing all these, my mind was in doubt - am I watching a movie ?]

As per Arun, he has filed a complaint against S.K at NTA Policestation. S.I has taken his statement.. But in reality there were no complaints registered by Arun in Neyyattinkara Police Station.

All these happened when Rejeeb is supposed to appear before the Kerala Vanitha Commission on the 14th of September 2007 for further investigation about his Goondaism against RBA.