Friday, September 7, 2007

:: RBA Story – Part 1; Introduction

RBA Story, will take your thoughts to the world of a 54 old year arthritis patient [ for the past 25 years ] who is seeking justice from The Lady Justice.
You will come to read about the injustice happened to the basic rights of a Women, R. Bhavani Amma, an LIC Career Agent. Which in turn resulted in her legal fight back to ensure the rights to live in her hometown, Neyyattinkara [ NTA ] – a municipality in Thiruvananthapuram district in the Indian state of Kerala.

An overview :
A group of anti social people backed up by a money driven political mafia Leader in Neyyattinkara, who kidnapped her husband seven months back from their home [ on February 7th 2007 ], spread rumors against him, barged into their home, looted all the household items and illegally posses the house now. All these activities, almost took her to a mental break down.

Deep down her memory lane now, rooted the strong urge to fight aginst these injustices and to live in her house peacefully. This prompted the above activist to torture her again, knowing she is alone.

This blog was fired up by the thought factor of RBA, ”If something worst happens to her Life, then the world should know how and why it happened.”

Now, think for a moment about the way how our social security has been degraded? Who is responsible for this?

  • Our Government?
  • Our Law and Order System?
  • Are we responsible for this?

Do we need to act against all the evils which prevail in this society or else let them have our families one by one?