Friday, September 7, 2007

:: RBA Story – Part 3; Hope Drizzles

RBA met honorable Justice Smt Sreedevi, Chairperson of Kerala Women's Commission. As per her instruction, RBA went to meet DGP of Kerala State. There she met respected ADGP Mr. Raja Gopal, who introduced her to respected Circle Inspector, Public Grievance Cell, Mr. Anil Kumar.

On hearing her complaint and based on the foresaid harassments carried out by Rejeeb against RBA, to her family and relatives, he said injustice and goondaism against women cannot be tolerated at all in the slightest level, and he will look into this issue as early as possible on highest priority. Next Friday, the Officer called up RBA and asked to meet him at the Police Head Quarters.

There she saw Rejeeb, Girilal and the others. The Officer spoke to both the parties and finally concluded that RBA can go and stay in her home at Neyyattinkara without any fear of Rejeeb's goondaism. He also instructed Rejeeb, to refrain himself from carrying out goondaism against anyone. All the accused have given their word in a signed note in the registers at ADGP office, promising no further threatening or harassments of any kind to RBA or her family members. After six months of pain and agony, she felt that "GOD started answering her prayers and Truth cannot be hidden for a long time, and will be protected by the worshipers of Truth".

According to RBA, there are good hearted people like Mr. Raja Gopal and Mr. Anil Kumar in our Police force, who are willing to act upon the complaints, so quickly that "Justice cannot be denied to anyone, not even in the least measurable amount of time".

Her words describes that, there are "Rain drops of Hope, still left out…. And Truth cannot be hidden for a long period of time".

She also insisted that more women should raise their issues in front of our society. With the help of good officers, they will be protected from all the evils of our society subjected they themselves should behold Truth always.

She pointed out the importance of; Women coming out of their "Fear factor" as a first step, in order to fight against the injustice happening to them. We should always trust that," Truth Only Survives".

Now, she plans to live in her house [ Neyyattinkara ]. There are still more hazards left out for her to conquer. Arun have informed that, Shaibu will be vacating the house by September 5th 2007. He also warned that Mainu annan and Rejeeb will come and create issues on that day.