Friday, September 7, 2007

:: RBA Story – Part 4; The Threat

On 03/09/2007 around 3 pm IST, Rejeeb called up RBA. He made his intention pretty clear that he wants to talk with her, rather he wants to apply his Oral Magic, in order to Convince the world that He is a Gentle Man.

I feel that the best way to narrate the telephonic conversation is as it happened.
Rejeeb: I am Rejeeb, please don’t disconnect the call. I want to speak to you.
RBA : No, tell me.

Rejeeb: I got a intimation letter from Kerala Vanitha Commission, that I need to appear there on September 14th for an investigation, based on your complaint. What should I do?
RBA: Do as mentioned in the intimation letter.

Rejeeb: Do I need to go alone or take the rest of them [ ten members ] with me? If I take them with me, it will again create problems to you. They are planning to give criminal complaint against you in Police stations. Then you need to go to each and every police station for enquiry. I don’t want that happen to you.
RBA: Please do as you wish. From where did you get my mobile number?

Rejeeb: I noted it down from the register in the Police Head Quaters, when we met ADGP last time. Why have you given complaint against me, there ? [ Kerala Vanitha Commission ]
RBA: Don’t you know the reason? If not hear please understand it now. Last month I came to Neyyattinkara to visit my Mother. That day evening a man named Rejeeb, went my Mother’s house and scared the old lady. He said that, he will kidnap and kill her daughter [ RBA ], after transferring the ownership of her[ RBA ] properties forcefully to his name. My Mother almost fell unconscious and was not well for the next two days. More over I came to know that, this man also went to my Aunts and Mother in Laws house and repeated the same. So felt that he is a danger to my life.

Rejeeb: You are mistaken; I went there to inquire about you.
RBA: Does the term inquiry, means scaring others by self proclamation of kidnapping and killing someone.

Rejeeb: After a bit of silence, actually there are some others who are intending to kidnap your son once he arrives India. I am not the culprit behind all those happened to your family. There are some others, whom you trust, behind all these and is trying to cheat your son.
RBA: who are they?
Rejeeb: I cannot say who they are at this point of time. But surely I will tell you.
RBA: Silence.

Rejeeb : Please speak to you son to help me. I am in real trouble. It was not me who did all these things. I was made a scape goat by them.
RBA: Why should I speak for someone :
1.Who tried to kill my husband, myself and my son.
2.Whose actions, nearely took me to a mental break down.
3.Who barged into my house and took away the valuables.
4.Who intentionally pulled me,my son and my familyto these unnecessary issues, even after knowing that we are not even a part of anything.
5.Who intentionally spread rumors against me.
Rejeeb: Please understand, It was a mistake. There were other people around me who forced me to do all these things. Even now SK, is waiting for kidnapping your son, when he comes to India.
RBA: For you it might be a simple mistake, but for me it almost cost my life. I remember you mentioning about this SK, even before. Who is this SK? Why is he after my son?

Rejeeb: He and one of your trustee is trying to attain the possession of your home illegally. Your husband owe him amount. Since he is not around they are after you and your family.
RBA: Do you think that there is no Judiciary in our state? Are you trying to scare me again?

Rejeeb: No, forgive for whatever happened to your family because of me. Please ask your son to call me and settle my debts. I am asking for the loss happened to my business because of your husband. If you give money to me, I will make sure that no one will come and disturb your family. I will help you to remove the tenants from your home. I know that they won’t vacate since SK as have asked them to do so and the tenant is SK’s friend.
RBA: Why dint you ask me before starting business with my husband?
Why dint you try to contact me or my son when you got profit from the business? So it means, till you got profit, you never cared about anything. Every one in this society knows that you guys got real profit from the business. Then also you kidnapped him, even you tried to kill him, and spread rumors about me and my son. Instead of doing this goondaism, why dint you approach our Judiciary?

Rejeeb: I dint get any profit, its other guys who got the profit. Actually, it was them, who did all these things. It’s around 34 rupees now. I don’t have enough money to continue the call. Please ask your son to call me.
RBA: I remember your response, when my son called you last time. I won’t. Always remember that “Truth only Survives”. Even, I don’t want to continue the call any more.
Meanwhile I was thinking about the hint given by Rejeeb :- Your trustee is also trying to cheat you. Who might be it?

It seems there are many more hazards left out for her to conquer.