Friday, September 7, 2007

:: RBA Story – Part 2; The Compliant

Respected Sir,

Sub: Please provide protection for my life and property from alleged Goon Rejeeb and his goon members.

I am writing this request with great expectation to get Justice. I am R Bhavani Amma, an arthritis patient for the past 25 years. During the past two years, my health condition degraded badly and I moved to stay with my son and daughter in law, seeking better treatment in Bangalore. Since then, I used to visit my husband, who resides in our family house in Neyyattinkara, whenever my health allows. My only son, moved to abroad, last February for better job opportunities.

For the last six months, there are a series of ongoing incidents which nearly took me to a mental break down. My family life was made a big chaos by a group of people whom I haven’t even met once till now. These incidents started the very next day that my son left India. Let me brief them down.

On 06/02/07 [ Tuesday ], I got a call from my husband from an unknown mobile no [ 09895990161 ]. He said that, he is under the custody of some group of people in Trivandrum; [ even after my repeated enquiry, he didn’t mention any names or any reasons ].All he said was, he needed to contact my son and if he didn’t give money, they will kill him by 09/02/07 [ Friday night ]. I replied him that I cannot even contact him, since he just moved to abroad and doesn't have a contact number and all I can do is wait for his call or to inform police station or my relatives. He didn’t reply for that, but cried saying that don’t inform police or anyone, and if we do then they will not wait till Friday. I was in total panic, not knowing what to do. I called up my daughter in law and she replied that she also got a call at her office. We tried to call back at the same mobile, but it was switched off. Later in the night we got a call from them again, asking for my son. We replied that we are helpless to contact him, and the only option is to wait till he calls back.

Later, I called up one of my neighbor in Kerala, to check whether my husband is in our house. He replied that the house is locked and he is not seen for the past two days. Neighbors were under the impression that he might have gone to Bangalore. We didn’t inform anyone out of fear and was waiting for the call form that mobile phone.

My son called us on Friday morning [ since it was a holiday for him ] and we informed him the same. He informed us not to answer any of these hoax calls. He tried in the same mobile. But it was switched off all the time. Friday evening onwards I was getting calls from some Landline numbers in Kerala. I didn’t answer any of them. After sometime my brother called me up, and said that my husband had called him and asked me to pick up the calls. In the hurry, I disconnected his call and picked up the incoming call. It was my husband. He said he was kidnapped by two people: Rejeeb and his friend Priyan on Tuesday. Somehow he escaped from their hands. He was beaten up badly by the duo for the past 5 days for money. The duo had already taken illegal possession of my house in Neyyattinkara by acquiring the keys from my husband. Being afraid of them he said he is moving to one of his friend’s house and will go to commissioner office on Monday to complain against them.

The reason behind the kidnap as claimed by Goons, my husband, Mr. M.G.S Mithran had to give them money: - the loss they encountered while doing business with him. They want it from me and my relatives since he is not giving them, or rather since he is already bankrupt and cannot give them. I asked my husband whether he owe them money, he said no. They were also the part of the MFHC business, and realizing that my son and my family is not here, they are taking advantage of the situation to get money from me. They also wanted to make an impression that my husband had moved out of the state, by keeping him under custody.

One of my servant [ Babu ] informed us that, he saw two guys searching inside the house. When enquired they said that they are from Neyyattinkara Police station. Later my neighbors (Stephen) informed me, he saw a lady and a man in my house. They said to him that, Mithran has given the keys of this house to him for stay. Based on the physical appearances narrated by Babu and Stephen, we realized that the men who came as police man and this man with keys are same, Rejeeb. But we don’t know who he or that lady is. Next day Stephen told me that he saw a white indigo and some other cars parked inside the house and the gates were locked from outside.

On 12/02/2007, after meeting the commissioner he called me. He also informed me that he was again directed to AC office by Commissioner and he is on the way. Mean while he gave the details of his complaint filed.

Public window system Ref no 184/pwf-cp-tc-2007 dated- 12 / 2 / 2007 @ 10:11:41hrs
Nature: Theft.
Name : M.G.S Mithran.
Action taken: Referred to AC office Shangumugham.

Meanwhile I informed some of my relatives regarding this issue and they said it’s correct to complain to police and that they were also scared about these Goons. Then I didn’t hear anything about him that day.

Later, my relatives in Kerala started getting threatening calls from some undisclosed persons. They said that Mithran is under their custody and they want me or my son to contact them in the same number. Once they cheated one of my relatives by telling that this call is from Thampanoor Police Station and want to know about my family details. They even came in disguise as Police Officials to the relative's places, which itself is a crime and offence of Law. Later we found out that the number from which they called is not of Thampanoor police station. They were going to my relative’s houses with goons and were trying to scare by saying that they will even kill them. I changed my contact numbers, scared of these anti social elements. Since they couldn't reach me, they started calling my relatives and friends in order to track me down. We also moved out of our current location fearing these people.

Alleged perpetrators who broke into my house are :

1. Mr. Rejeeb and Mr Priyan: - +919349975731 / +919249444458 / +919388886788. [ Residing in Manacaud, Trivandrum ]. My husband also identified the appearance which was narrated by Babu and Stephen in my house. One of my neighbor Rosamma also identified Rejeeb, who used to speak to her over phone spreading the rumour that Mithran has eloped with huge amount of money, but in reality was under the custody of Rejeeb himself. Since Mithran was under the custody of Rejeeb, he could not come to Neyyattinkara. Rejeeb’s intention was to make sure that none of the neighbors should stop him from coming to my house, by creating sympathy on them and as if he is checking for Mithran everyday.

2.Mr. Girilal: - +919446473977 / +914716951051,(Residing at Pettah, Trivandrum). My husband told that Girilal has a new white indigo car, which Stephen noticed several times after 7th February at our house.

3.+919895990161 - we don't know the name.

All I know through my relatives is that my husband is again under the captivity of Rejeeb and others.

On 15th of Feb 2007, my son called one of them; Rejeeb on the above said number, to know who they are and what their intention is in doing these things. He replied that he wants money, which he lost while doing business with my husband. He told my son that if I can give him 24 lakhs INR or any land which I own, he can release my husband. He informed that he had the keys of my house in Neyyattinkara. My son requested him to give the keys back to my neighbors, but he turned down the requests. We haven't given the keys of our house to anyone, but Rejeeb after illegal possession of the house had spread the fake news that my husband has given him the keys of the house.

Based on Rejeeb's comment that he had occupied my house in Neyyattinkara, my son asked his friend Mr. Arun Kumar [ to whom my son have given a Power of Attorney executed with the help of Adv Jayakumar, which gives authorization only to file any complaints to any legal departments or to go for any appeal in court activities on behalf of my son, against his house or property, since my son is out of station and I cant travel often ]; to closely watch the activities in my house. He too replied that there are some people staying in that house at night time and my husband is not there.

Later, Arun sent one of his friends, Mithun, to Bangalore, in order to collect the duplicate keys of my house [ as well as official documents in case if he wants to file a complaint to law department ] to him to get into my house and change the locks. We also arranged an Advocate Mr. Jayakumar [ Neyyattinakra ] for legal help. We asked Arun to file a complaint to police station and seal the house. But he told that he had already consulted with Advocate Mr. Shaji [ Neyyattinkara ] :- as per him its not advisable to go to Police station since the house robbery happened two weeks back and police wont accept our case. But I argued to Arun, that we came to know about it by now and we have the right to do that. He insisted that its better to see one called Mr. SK Jayachandra aka Mainu annan for help, opponent leader of Neyyattinkara municipality and a Indian National Congress party worker . After seeing SK, Arun informed me that my husband owes money to SK also, and we need to pay money to him first, then I insisted that we cannot give money to anyone since we don’t know the truth. Later he again called us and said that now SK is after him, if we don’t give money to SK, at least a 40 thousand now, SK will put his life into misery. Now, I feel that whoever I meet on the way says that my husband owes money to them, since we are out of station and we don't know the truth, it’s easy for them to harass us.

We don’t know what kind of person SK is, till now, because we don't know him. Since we felt bad that we have pulled Arun 's life into trouble, we agreed to give him the money. For this, he said that he needs to pay around 40 thousand rupees to SK for his help and we gave the money to Arun through his friend Ebby's ICICI account. We also gave another 10 thousand to Arun for his expenses. He and his friends changed all the locks of the house during day time and asked one of his friends - Shaibu S Chandra to stay there. Arun informed me that lots of things are missing from my house, such as TV, DVD player, Inverter, Vilakku etc and all the cupboards were opened.

Taking into consideration that my son is out of India, and we are settled in Bangalore, these anti social elements are allegedly harassing my family members, FOR SOME FINANCIAL MISTAKES WHICH HAPPENED WHILE THEY WERE DOING BUSINESS WITH MY HUSBAND. Later I came to know that, these people were active members in the business along with Mithran.

Being settled in Bangalore for a very long time, we were not aware of all these issues and we don't have any contacts with these people. My son asked Rejeeb, why should he give money, For a wrong decision taken by Rejeeb in his life? Rejeeb had no answers for that.

My in laws' houses were being disturbed constantly with these calls at odd hours like 1 am etc, and they have complained at their local police station about these phone numbers and the calls.

Myself, my son and my daughter in law are living with our own jobs and we have never been a part of any of these businesses.

It seems that these people are trying to put their mistakes on our shoulders through these anti social activities. Since most of my relatives are afraid of them, and there is no one to speak for us because of the terror created by these people; My son sent his written complaint to the below mentioned officers on their email addresses from abroad on 03/06/2007: [ The email address are available in the corresponding web sites of Kerala Govt and Media sites ].

Officers :
Chief Minister
Home minister
High Court
Annu singal

Media :
Manorama TV
Amrita TV,
Manorama daily,
Jeevan TV,

Apart from this he also send a written complaint to DGP. Based on DHL tracker below are the shipment details :

DHL Tracker no : 3074380153
Signed for by: PARAMESHWARA .
Shipment delivered March 06, 2007 11:10.

After a couple of days, my son got reply form ADGP, stating he will look into the issue and will do the needful. To everyone’s surprise, my husband was released on the same day from their captivity on a condition that he needs to give money before March 21st 2007, or else it will cost his life- as put forward by Rejeeb.

Due to fear and ill health I was not in a position to go to Neyyattinkara during all these time. I really don't know what is happening over there and all I can do is worry about our safety and health. Since my son is working as a contract employee abroad, he is not in a position to return to India until his contract expires [ Which will be by 2009 ].Sir, there is no one to speak against this cruelty in Kerala.

After speaking to my husband, my son told me that: He was again kidnapped by the below mentioned eleven people from Fort AC office, Who had beaten him up and tried to kill him.

1. Rajeeb Basheer : +919349975731. [ Beaten him, Forced him to sign on lot of stamp papers ] *
2. Biju : +919249438188.
3. Vazhzyila Mohan : +914712374178.
4. Giri Lal : +919446473977.
5. Jose : +919249270189.
6. Jhonny : NA.
7. Mohanan : NA.
8. Ajith Dhanuvuchapuram : NA. [ Forced him to sign on lot of stamp papers ]*
9. Varghese Nalanchira : +919447059012.
10.Varghese Vithura : +919446179100.
11. Preman Moozhi : NA.
*What is the Idea behind in Signing on Blank Stamp papers?

He also mentioned about Sujith, from Neyyattinkara Gramam [ which my husband also don’t know ] who claimed that he wants one lakh rupee. Lastly he told to my son that, he is going to meet Rejeeb to plead for his life and innocence. After that we have no idea about his whereabouts.

We came to know that there is already one case registered against Rejeeb for gundaism. [ Complaint Id is : 00001032/2/2007/ExT/TC ].

I have decided to come and live in NTA house for the rest of my life. Now I have asked Arun to vacate the current tenants. He told that the tenants will be vacated within a couple of weeks.

If they feel that my husband has done wrong things to them, ideally they should surrender him to police station. Instead they had kept him under captivity, and they are now scaring me and my son that they will kill us. Rejeeb even now threatens my relatives that he will kill us.

Reason of writing this complaint is : Two days back as well as today, Rejeeb went to my mothers house, and my mother in law’s house in NTA, and said that he wants to meet me. He also said that he will kill my entire family as well. I am totally scared. Since there are no family members here to help me from this goons, I request you to provide me protection against anyone who is trying to disturb my peaceful stay and medical treatment in NTA.

This time when I visited my house, the current tenants told that once Mainu anna came to take away all the household things. Now I plan to live in my house, but the illegal activities of the above said people make me scared. So I personally plead you to take this as my written complaint against the above said people, in order to:-

1. Protect my life
2. Allow me to stay in my home peacefully.
3. To return all those things which have been looted from my house.

By Gods grace, I believe that "Truth will come out soon and finally these people would be given proper punishment and mental counseling since their activities are becoming a threat to our society".

Hoping that, Justice will be given me.

Yours respectfully