Sunday, October 28, 2007

:: RBA Story - Part 9; Call for Truth

The Lady Justice needs to answer to the call of truth:-

1. Why are the alleged culprits not been taken in to the account, by our Judiciary? What happened to the complaint logged by RBA's son [on March 3rd 2007] for Man missing, Burglary and Kidnap against Rejeeb Basheer and his anti social elements?
2. Why did Neyyattinkara Police conduct raid into RBA's house,while Shaibu.S.Chandra and his family was living there? As per the records of Police station, the raid was on the basis of the Anonymous complaints filed by Public stating that flesh trade is happeing in the late hours in that house; Why Arun Kumar[who rented RBA's house to Shaibu] dint try to remove Shaibu.S.Chandra from her house, even after Neyyattinkara Police asked Arun to vacate Shaibu from that house? Why Arun Kumar dint inform RBA regarding this Police Raid for flesh trading, ideally? So what is the motivation of the secrecy maintainted by Arun Kumar?
3. Why did Rejeeb Basheer give the statement to Special Investigation Team, that Arun is his ally? About whom did Rejeeb Basheer hint to RBA, that her Trustee is also there to deceive her? in his previous telephonic conversation.
4. Where is the money which Arun kumar took from RBA seven months back through Ebby's ICICI account, stating :-
a) Since he got involved to help RBA, now S.K Jayachandran is after him for money, so he needs to give money to S.K Jayachandran for protecting himself.
b) For protecting RBA's properties from Rejeeb Basheer and his goons with the help of S.K Jayachandran? [Rumour is that S.K Jayachandran is also double crossed by the duo for money].
5. Is S.K.Jayachandran also being misled by the above said? Then why?

6. Where is the blank Stamp papers and cheque books, which Rejeeb Basheer got signed from M.G.S.Mithran, after physically torturing him for One and half months? What is the idea behind this attempt?
7. Where is M.G.S.Mithran? Is he still under custody of Rejeeb Basheer? if the society doubts his existance, Who can bring out the Truth behind all these? Why din't Rejeeb Basheer intiated a Fair Trail on M.G.S.Mithran ? since the earlier claims that the later cheated him.

8. Why did Rejeeb Basheer looted RBA's house, and threatens to kill all those who opposed his illegal activites?

9. Is there someone else in this planned Kidnapping, Harassment, attempt to Murder and Burglary?

These questions points to an Organized Crime done on RBA's private life and illegal useage of her property, by a neatly planned double crossing. But the question is " Who is the Key Person knowing all the Truths and who can bring the culprits in front of our judiciary? ".

Though in the midst of life threats by Rejeeb and his anti social elements, RBA hopes that some day our Judiciary will open her eyes on these incidents. She said that she will fight back till justice is being delivered. She also want to thank all the those whose supported her in this fight back.